Sue Lewington (ARTIST)

Sue Lewington draws inspiration from the changing landscapes of Cornwall and Scilly. Her artwork captures the essence of a place and the passage of time in both grand vistas and minute details. She works with sketchbooks, where she meticulously notes down both visual and written impressions. However, not all details can be painted, and Sue captures the sounds of nature, snippets of conversations, and the passage of time in her work.

Sue works on high moorlands, seashores, and everything in between. She paints on the spot or uses watercolour, acrylic, inks, and charcoal to work up her sketches in her workshop. Sue produces sketchbooks for publication and creates handmade artist books for galleries and commissions.

Morvoren Retreat

We will always spread love, forgiveness and joy because life is far too short for it to be anything else. Always wish people well, even if they’ve done you wrong, hold your head high and fill your soul with happiness. Spread joy to even the most unkind of people, because do you know what, they are the people who need it the most. I wish you well, I wish you water.

Morvoren Retreats provides relaxing and exclusive accommodation located on the water’s edge in Cornwall and runs wild swimming retreats in St Mawes.

As a leading provider of remote and wild swimming experiences in the River Fal and St. Mawes areas, we are proud to collaborate with Morvoren Retreats. Immerse yourself in the untouched beauty of these pristine waters, as we offer an unparalleled swimming adventure that will leave you in awe. Discover the hidden gems of the River Fal and St. Mawes regions, and experience the thrill of swimming in truly unspoiled natural surroundings. Join us for an unforgettable swimming experience that will leave you rejuvenated and inspired, brought to you in partnership with Morvoren Retreats.


SLART is a figurative expressionist at heart, who uses his art to reveal and disarm human issues. His art expresses themes such as body image, anxiety, adoption trauma, kidney failure, and crippling shyness. Slart prefers working on large canvases and outdoor spaces, as it allows him to make a big impact with his art. His unique style has been recognised by others who have described it as having something special about it. SLART acknowledges that his style is unique, and he allows his passion for drawing and painting to come through naturally, without trying to apply a specific technique. Being self-taught gives him the freedom to create and express himself in his own way.

He also created this awesome website!

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