A picturesque journey down the River Fal

 Marvel at the ever-changing landscape, from the tranquil meanders upstream to the rugged beauty of the Roseland Peninsula

Group & public skippered boat trips aboard Liberty

Marine adventures that will leave you feeling refreshed & renewed

Watch in awe as the sun rises over the horizon, casting its golden hues upon the waters and painting a scene of unparalleled beauty.

Whether you’re a passionate birdwatcher eager to spot rare species or a nature enthusiast seeking to explore hidden gems along the riverbanks, our skippered boat charters are a unique addition to your Cornish holiday. Or a special treat for the locals, too.

“5 stars”

“Had a fabulous afternoon on Liberty. 

Very relaxed boat trip. Was looked after really well by Pete and he knows the area well. 

Saw dolphins and lots of seals. Definitely will be back later this summer.”

— Jennifer, Liberty Boat Charter guest

Here are our signature cruises and boat trips.

Sunrise cruises to experience the enchantment of dawn

Witness nature’s symphony come to life as the first light illuminates the horizon, revealing the hidden treasures of the river’s ecosystem and the diverse array of Birdlife that calls the River Fal home.

The perfect vantage point to observe majestic Herons, vibrant Kingfishers, and an abundance of other Avian species as they awaken to greet the day. Keep your eyes peeled for playful Seals basking along the riverbanks, adding an extra touch of charm to your journey.

£90 per person (3hrs) 

Perfect for birdwatchers and those wanting to miss the summertime rush.

Marine wildlife & scenic cruises to explore the rich biodiversity of these pristine waters

Encounter a diverse array of marine life, from the graceful common Dolphins to the majestic Bottlenose, and the elusive Porpoises, as our knowledgeable guides provide fascinating insights into their behaviours and habitats.

Spot thriving Seal communities, basking on secluded shores or playfully diving beneath the waves.

You experience the whole River system, from Source to Sea, running right down the Carrick Roads to the mouth of the Fal and beyond.

£90 per person (3hrs)

A front-row seat to observe Cornwall’s charismatic creatures in their element. Perfect for wildlife photographers, historians and naturalists.

Wild swimming & stand-up paddle-boarding expeditions for the truly wild experience

Access remote and unreachable paddle-board spots, allowing you to explore unspoilt waters that are teeming with marine life.

Cruise in comfort to our favourite locations in the River Fal, Helford, and the breathtaking coastline between Lizard Point and Nare Head.

(Please note: We ask for semi-experienced paddlers at a minimum and reasonable swimming ability is essential.)

£100 per person (4hrs)

We’ve got two paddle boards you can use, but also ample storage space for additional boards, so you can bring your own gear and get ready for an adventure like no other.

Combining comfort, adventure, and unparalleled scenery.

Sunset prosecco cruises that provide a luxurious, peaceful escape

Cruise along the Fal estuary as the sun paints the sky in vibrant hues, creating a stunning backdrop for an unforgettable evening.

Raise your glass, toast to the moment, and cherish the memories created aboard Liberty.

£100 per person (3hrs) including a bottle of prosecco, or alternative non-alcoholic beverage.(minimum of 2 people)

With breathtaking scenery like never before, this is the ideal setting for couples, friends, or anyone seeking a peaceful escape. To celebrate your next special occasion, to unwind at the end of a perfect holiday, or even after a long day at work.

“Top service”

“We had an absolutely brilliant trip with Pete and Maisy (his amazing dog) last week. 

Pete was so knowledgeable about the area, was wonderful with our children and nothing seemed too much. 

He’d even put our shoes to warm and the heater on for when we got out of the sea after some swimming. If that’s not top service then I don’t know what is.”

— Charlie, Liberty Boat Charter guest


All boat charter prices include fuel, hot drinks and squashes. 

Feel free to bring your own alcoholic beverages.


No need to leave your furry companion at home. 

Dogs are welcome on all of our boat trips and charters.


No matter the weather, you’ll be cruising in sheltered waters.

Our exact locations are tailored to the day’s weather conditions, ensuring a comfortable and safe experience.

Get your marine adventure in the calendar

  • We’ll set off from Malpas marina, just past the Heron Inn 
  • 25% required to secure your booking; refunds available for bad weather cancellations that cannot be rescheduled (read our T&Cs for more)
  • We can order you a local food hamper or graze box (price on request) or you’re welcome to bring your own food onboard and use our crockery and cutlery.

“Great value for money”

“Me and my partner went on the Prosecco cruise yesterday and the wildlife cruise today.

Both trips were absolutely fabulous! Pete was so attentive and friendly nothing was too much trouble for him. He was very knowledgeable about the history of the surrounding area and showed us some amazing spots and recommended us places to go see. 

Great value for money and a wonderful host, I would highly recommend.” 

— Rebecca, Liberty Boat Charter guest

With Liberty, you can explore the stunning beauty of Falmouth and the Fal River with ease. 

Whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway or a fun-filled adventure with friends and family, we’ve got you covered. 

Get in touch with us to find out more about your first (or next) Falmouth charter and experience the Cornish coastline like never before.

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